hey guys, is the pickgaurd of a precision easy to take off n change, i remember i took the gaurd off my brothers peavey strat once and it was connected to a bunch of stuf and it was a nightmare, i know its not the same but id like to avoid anything like that happening again (gettin a standard black in the future and wanna make it blk on blk)
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i'm thinking the electronics(knobs and input jack) are attached to the p-guard. it's not hard to do but, you do have to remove the knobs, the pots, and the jack from the old guard and re-intall them on the new guard. i think?
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Removing the electronics is a very simple procedure, and it is exactly the same for a strat pickguard. Here are the steps.

1: Remove the knobs from the potentiometers, they just slid off although some are screwed on.
2: On each potentiometer and input slot, there is a nut on the top, unscrew the nuts.
3: Unscrew the pickguard screws, and if the pickups are screwed into the pickguard (most basses are not, but stratocasters are) unscrew those too.
4: The pickguard should be entirely unhooked from the bass, just slide it off.

This should work for all basses and guitars that have pickguards, to put in back on, do it in reverse BUT (VERY IMPORTANT) switch steps 2 and 4. In other words, go 2-->4-->3-->1.
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