It's a long one, 9:36 if I remember correctly. A bit of a riff salad but I'm fine with that, C4C.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

I have mixed feelings about this song. The song itself seems sort of "confused". There are abrupt key changes that just don't really flow very well. All of the riffs themselves were exceptional, but I think they should have been separated and put into different songs. All of the solos were fantastic. I really liked how the distorted guitar came in at bar 202. Coming out of the relaxing clean guitar, the intensity of the death metal riffing was really brought out. I think if you could add a little more structure to the song and cut its length down a little bit, it would be amazing.

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To be honest man, all of the riffs themselves ranged from poor to great, with some very odd sounding harmonies, and most of the solo's sounded pretty good, sans that chromatic shredding. But the way they were put together was quite bad, some riffs are not just meant to sit alongside other riffs, they need some form of bridge other wise the listener is just going to get pissed off at the song.

It is a daring way of writing, but one which ultimately fails because it doesn't feel like a song, rather just, as you said yourself, a collection of riffs. And with a nine minute song, to keep the listener sticking with it until the end, your song really needs direction, it has to feel like it is going somewhere.

Some good riffs as I said, but there isn't enough there for it to really be called a song 5/10.

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Oh my, this is fragmented. You say riff salad. That's an understatement.

There are some good parts here and there, and some cool solos, but... The song is frustrating. There are way too many random ass riffs that are ok on their own, but do nothing but hurt the song. For instance, the death metal riffs have no reason to be in a song like this. And the more classic heavy metal/blues styled riffs dont fit at all. The few clean parts were mediocre, and shouldnt have been there either.

The song has no direction, and due to the complete randomness of the riffs, nothing is memorable at all.
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