i was looking into getting some pedals just to really spice things up with the tone of my lead type bass lines and the idea of a synth bass pedal really struck my fancy. ive looked at a bunch of synth pedals and was hoping for some suggestions or maybe told to come to my sense about a synth pedal or whatever the case may be.
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ive been looking at the digitech bass synth pedal and it looks very very good, seems to be a bargin for £55
I have a Boss SYB-5 that I picked up on ebay for $60 US. It gets some great sounds and it's really tweakable. If you're playing lead-sounding lines, though, the tracking might be a problem (you have to play pretty hard and defined notes for it to get them). The EHX bass microsynth sounds decent and doesn't have to track the note input the same way the SYB does. IMO the SYB sounds a lot better and more like an actual synth, but the tracking can be an issue.
I love the SYB-5 and have never had a serious problem with it (of course i play fairly hard usually anyway) but it does tend to screw up if you hit more than one note at once even accidentally, it tracks bends surprisingly well though. Though if you can find one get an SYB-3.
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I have a Digitech BP80. Honestly, A lot of the presets are pretty lame.

But, it has a lot of different sounds that can help you creat your own pretty kick ass affect.
I picked up a brand new korg ax3b on ebay for 31.55 Australian, and it is not bad. I really just wanted the tuner, but it has some cool fxs. It has a price tag from the music shop it came from for 199.95. If i had paid that I woulda felt ripped, but I think it is okay for what it is. I like the compact size, and although i don't have the exp pedal, as the new model has it built on, it seems okay once you throw away the instructions and work it out yourself. It has some great amp settings, the distortion is average, but some of the other sounds are really cool. The delay, and chorus work well as well.