I've been a big fan of Craigslist for a while now and have had a good amount of smooth transactions. There have been a few douches like Mr. "Chaosfactor", who couldn't sell me his guitar because his little brother wanted it back, to garden variety morons.

But, this one takes the cake. I advertised in the "Musical Instruments" section that I was selling a speaker I had removed from my amp's cabinet. The speaker worked fine with my low voltage tube amp. I made fully clear that this was from a guitar amplifier, and he was aware of it before I sold it to him. That was last night, today I got back after driving 400+ miles... the moron calls me to say that the speaker sounded "****ty". Turns out he was running it into his car stereo with a 1500 WATT running amp running into it. The highest I have ever seen guitar tube amps run is 120 watts, which is enough to melt your face off. He demanded his money back.

Being the nice guy that I am, I agreed I'd give him his money back if it was not damaged. I got the the speaker, put it back in my cab and it worked fine. While I was wiring it up he told me he punctured the cone on a another speaker while trying to remove mine. In short, know your gear, and don't waste the time of honest sellers. I'm so sorry my "****ty" speaker didn't enable you to pick up hos like you so wanted.......
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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At times like these, what would Jesus do? I tell you what, Jesus would take a dump in that guys car.
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At times like these, what would Jesus do? I tell you what, Jesus would take a dump in that guys car.

once some guy was trying to tell me i was selling a go kart over priced and no one would ever buy it. i sold it in 3 days.
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If I were you I would have told him to **** off. You clearly stated that it was a guitar speaker, not a car speaker. It's his problem if he didn't read the god damn description and you are not required by law to pay him back.
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Take a shit in his car's air filter.
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I'm a good person generally... but I would have told him to **** off.
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