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Custom Allparts USA Flame maple Strat

Flame Maple top
Mahogany back

Maple neck
Flame Maple fretboard with matching headstock
Abalone moon inlays

Its in great condition and awesome player!! It has a nice orange/amberburst finish on the body, fretboard, and headstock.
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the bridge is a don lace pickup
and the neck pickup is a generic usa all parts pickup i believe

I do have a seymour duncan pickup I will throw in with the purchase. I thought about adding it to the guitar at one point but I like how it sounds now.
ballpark figure?

it's very showmasterish.
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ive actually already got something very similar already. malden stiger flair prototype. its just a good idea to put a rough estimate of what you expect in return. and i wanted to give you a bump for a nice guitar.

within you lay everything
every key
every secret

untouched and in plain sight
Well Im looking to get anywhere from $700-$900 for it. I am willing to accept offers if anyone is interested!
FYI: I am also including a seymour duncan humbucker that has not been used yet!
Also a brand new pack of guitar strings
Thanks...I honestly wish I could keep it but...I unfortunately have my custom guitar on its way and own way too many guitars right now
$750+ shipping and she's yours. It does include a pack of strings, a planet waves locking guitar strap, and a spare seymour duncan humbucker that is still in its case, never used. Also includes a padded gig bag.
one night sale! Cut the price to $725 + shipping...I need to seal a deal before the weekend ends.
man i wich i could it looks like a hell of a guitar... but i sadly dont have ANY money right now... im tryin to get rid of an ibanez so i know how you feel...
thanks man....It really is better than my USA Fender strats but they were my first guitars and have a sentimental value......


Dude no offence to you or UG but know one is gonna pay $700 dollars for that guitar one coz no one has the money and two no matter what the pics might look like or what you say people arent gonna trust it
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Well I actually have another deal going on with one of my other items, so if trust is an issue, the buyer of this guitar can wait until I complete the other transaction and ask the other buyer of my other sale how the sale went and if the item was as described. I am honestly not out to screw anyone over and just want to make some of the money back that I spent on these items. This guitar was a custom and was professionally set up by a luthier who is well known on Long Island and is a well known violin maker.

As for noone paying this much for a guitar, Ive seen people on here pay about the same price for a korean/chinese made electric ibanez guitar. Which if you play guitar and have any sense, you'd get yourself a GOOD playing guitar made in the USA or Japan or England. Every guitarist should be wary of korean/chinese gutiars as they usually have crappier quality frets, twisted or warped necks, intonation problems, finish problems(such as too much finish on guitars that doesnt let the top vibrate freely), and just crappier woods/laminates. This guitar I am selling is USA MADE, all USA aftermarket parts, and a real flame maple top and mahogany back. Its got the Recessed jack output so you dont get snagged on your cable as your playing( which did cost more money), and a matching flame maple fretboard and headstock with matching finish. All of which was extra!! Oh and dont forget about the REAL abalone inlays. So if your interested in the guitar you can pay with confidence!!

Rock on!! Offers are welcomed!!
were do you live?
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