Yeah, so I was lookin at gettin one of the new Epiphone propechy collection SG's Or Les Paul's, but I don't know which colour to get, as the colours also defines a couple things other than looks. Like the pickups. In the black prophecys, there is a set of EMG 81/85's, which I already have on my Jackson and they kick ass. But in the red ones, I don't know what the Gibson Dirty Fingers Pickups (which come stock) are like? Could anyone give me some first hand experience, mostly on the Gibson ones, but a comparison would be good too. Just tell me about stuff like styles that Dirty Fingers can do, how hot they are, etc.
Idk if I confuse you or not but oh well.
I don't have personal experience with the dirty fingers but I believe there supposed to be as hot as the EMGs and meant for high-distortion