First of all I have a Epiphone SG Special and a Roland Cube 20X. I'm playing for about 1 year. I was wondering if it would be a good/smart move to put Seymour Duncan BlackOut or EMG on my SG. I like the sound of the guitar for the price I paid it. (200$)

But I would be glad to have a more heavy but tight sound with alot of harmonics. I'm short on money... so do I modified my SG (the guy that would made it estimate the total cost of about 150$. Or save money... and buy something that would have active pickup right away and maybe a Floyd Rose but paid alot more.
Not really worth it tbh.

/e: You have to remember that your tone comes from all factors together. You can't skimp out, no point playing an amazing guitar through a crap amp, or even an amazing amp through an amazing amp if you have a cruddy cable. You'd be better off saving your moolah for a better amp.
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better amp ftw
the cube will never cut it
plus adding a metal muff 2 whatever amp u get will help a lot
Ok. Thank for the advice... so which amp I should be looking for if I'm playing Metal, Rock, Core and even alot of Clean stuff? I scared to hear the price of those amps... that why I bought my Roland when I started. I heard really good things about the Kerry King's Marshall Signature but I figure that the price is above $300 which is my budget. (and the budget won't grow up so soon lol)
Active pickups sound horrible unless you have a professional amp as well as guitar. It's not worth it. If you want a heavier tone, look for high output passive pickups. I recommend the Seymour Duncan SH-5 as a bridge pickup, it should provide the heaviness you are looking for. The amp is okay, but if you have the chance, upgrade in that department as soon as possible, too.
yeah the kerry king one isnt THAT good
unfortunately, it doesnt sound like ur budget is gonna cut it 4 the amp, i would save up some more money
a peavey valveking will prolly work for u but its 100 dollars more than ur willing to spend
I think the cheapest decent amp would be a Peavey Valveking (use an OD pedal to boost the distortion)
Try and find one used, or an Randall RG50TC or Laney VC30
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Thnak you again! I'll try to see what I can do for the amp and I'll follow your advice!