OK, among the other threads out there this looks pretty stupid, but guys, I seriously need lead advice. I've been playing 3 years, and I've never had a lead that has lasted more than a couple of weeks.

I'm careless, cheap and a messy person generally, but even recently I've been buying higher quality leads, trying to treat them with respect, and doing anything I can think of to try to extend the lifespan of these things.

How do you store them? Dos and don'ts? Any tips in general? I'm wasting a bloomin' fortune on the damned things...
I usually store my leads in the back of my amp or my guitar case. Make sure the heads are screwed on properly and so on. I had to play through a bent lead for maybe six months of my guitar career, and it taught me a damn good lesson about taking care of them.
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First off, buy a cable with a lifetime warranty. Second off, be careful to never jerk them in/out of any sockets.
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Some calbe companies offer life time warranties with the purchase of the cable, if anything happens to the cable theyll give you a new one