Looks great, very well made. I personally don't like the way the bottom is rounded off, but that's just my opinion.
Wait, it says your selling it on that website link. (without electronics)


i want. . . . .
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no offense, thats a beautiful guitar, but don't call it a prs style when everything from the body shape down to the headstock shape and the tailpiece is exactly like a languedoc. nicely done, but lets give the proper builder credit for the design.
how is this PRS style at all?
i like it! i love that tail piece too, where'd you get it?
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most I am in contact with don't know what the heck a languedoc is (sadly) so I was just trying to simplify, as it is a solidbody guitar. Not trying to take anything away from such a wonderful luthier, as languedoc is.....just trying to reach out to the "crowd" ...that's all.

Tailpiece is handcarved.