i want to get new pick ups. right now my guitar is an esp h-100 and i have a 5150 combo. Im thinking about getting emg's 81 because there's a music store selling some used ones for $120. would these work well? what other ones should i look at?
pickups will shape your EQ. what kind of sound are you after?
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since those EMG's are used i assume the dont include the right potentiometers.
well i have a 5150 so maybe some pick ups that are good for high gain? and i dont really use cleans so they dont have to be too versatile. i just play death metal. i usually play in drop b and i write a lot of stuff like white chapel. i really love their tone too.
EMGs are amazing for metal.
they will pull metal off with ease.
but remeber, they arent for everyone.
some medium-hot wound passives will do metal well, and be more versatile.

EDIT: i think white chapel uses EMGs, bu tnot sure
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I would recommend Seymour Duncan Blackouts, I prefer the sound of them over the EMGs.
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