i want to put EMGs into my guitar how do i do that
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if you dont know i wouldnt attempt to try from the tips on the internet.
Go to a guitar shop.
Hand them emgs and guitar
Put money in their hand
btw good pickup choice i recommend the Zakk Wylde active emgs, they are magical
Don't do it yourself.
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me and my dad intalled mine without any professional help

unless u count my dad, hes an electrician
Buy them, get a soldering iron, use the included pots, follow the very well detailed instructions that they come with. Rock out! I did my first pickup job with them with not problems. I've done a **** load since!

Edit: If you're getting an EMG 89 and coil tapping it, get some help on that, that's a bit more tricky!
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...String it up and boogie down broadway!

My favorite line from the instruction booklet.
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