Hello people sorry for asking so many questions but I am still pretty much a beginner when it comes to anything that is not repetitive power chords and muting.

I am learning how to play Back in Black by AC/DC and I am having trouble in the part when you play e|3p0-B|3p0-G|2^-2p0. It is mainly the part where I pull-off. I can do a normal pull-off like 5p4 or something, but I can't pull off to a clean string.

Here is what made me ask for help. I used to Press down on the fret, and then pull backwards a little bit, and release. That worked, but it would weaken my string and make it break eventually. When I first did it with the strings that came with it on the store, it broke not long after I bought it. After that I got some Ernie Ball strings and the e string broke after about a month. I know I had to do it some other way.

What ways do you guys pull off to the plain string (like 3p0?)
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I just hit the fret then pull the string to the side a bit and let go. Kinda like just plucking the string.
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I just hit the fret then pull the string to the side a bit and let go. Kinda like just plucking the string.

as do i

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as do i

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You gotta let go of the bend. I got used to bending that fret with just the index, but you should do the 3-0 part with the ring and bend with middle and index, and at the top of the bend, just flick your finger off and up and it should be ok.
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You may not be pulling off fast enough (god, that sounds dirty).

If you don't do it fast enough, your finger may be hitting the string as it's vibrating from the pull, thus ending the note. That may not be the problem, but it's a thought.