From Avenged Sevenfold.
I beleive theres a tab for it.
But Its like super fast. Adn I was like woah.

I'm really curious.
It would be my dream tab to get down.

I wondering has anyone even attempted it?
Its pretty badass.
It's not that fast. I got a tab for it, I could learn by the end of the night. It's pretty cool.
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Yeah, it's just a little tricky to get the sweep picking just right.
Cool, cause I looked at the tab, and then I looked at Synester Gate's fingers on the video, and just the way it sounded, sounded really difficult. But, I guess not. lol

Welll the end of the solo doesn't seem to hard: the brief part where it gets to a pause and then "I don't belong here.." follows. If that makes any sense.