Ok so I'm just reposting the first forum now in the Tab Talk section.

Ok don't start bashing rap music because I've heard 1000 times what everyone here thinks about rap music/rappers (no talent, same stuff, etc). But I did want to know if anyone did have some cool songs they knew how to play on the guitar for fun? I just learned "Hypnotized" by Akon and Plies and I think the guitar part is cool. Also, "Me and My Girlfriend" by 2pac as a cool guitar part. Any ideas/songs for me?

P.S. And I don't care what you guys say, there are very good rappers out there with talent, (i.e. 2pac) but I hate the idiots like Soulja Boy, who give it all a bad name, just as much as you guys. Just because it's different, doesn't mean it's worse, you just have to be open minded. Sorry for ranting, I just know a post like this will get bashed on UG

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I actually like playing Party Like A Rockstar on guitar
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Seeing as how people like Lil John and Trick Daddy have sampled Slayer and Crazy Train, probably some others too, I think some rap songs have cool guitar parts, when they use guitar. Often times they dont, but its cool when people like Wyclef Jean use it.
Ecstacy by Bone thugs n harmony.
there the greatest.
plus,i think the tabs are on UG.
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xjosheex, you have made a simple answer to it all haha

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Eh, I was just listening to Lollipop, (Not sure if its only on the explicit version) But I just heard this nice guitar solo thats in the song. It starts around the time of 1:39 if you're on the 4 minute one on youtube. So look it up, you got to listen closely though.

I do agree, there are some good rappers, and I like how some rap puts guitar in it. But I guess people don't like rap not only because of the gay people like Soulja Boy (Don't get me wrong, his music is catchy and fun, but I just don't like what its about lol) but because rap samples songs and makes it their own. Which is cool, but its the sampling part that people hate I guess.

Like for instance, Stronger or whatever by Kanye West, he took Harder Better Faster Stronger from daft punk and made it his own, which is cool, it got alot of money, but people at my school thought Daft Punk stole it from Kanye...lmfao.