ive been wanting one for a while but, ive heard some bad things about them, like they dont have the same tone, or the fact that they have basswood, but is basswood really that bad ?
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i've played a few, they're nice instruments, generaly well put together, make sure you play it first, they necks arent too bad, but the tone is a little bit lacking (cheaper wood = less sustain and poorer tone) but most of your tone comes from your amplifier anyway. go out and play a few and find one you like
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I don't know if MIJ Fenders are basswood(thought they were alder, could be wrong). Basswood is an ok tonewood, it acsentuates the mids most and lows. It's good wood just heavy! Ibanez uses tons of basswood, so it cant be all bad

PS are you in the US? Fender doesnt sell MIJ in the US anymore.
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