This is probably a stupid question, but I was thinking this morning. I have a Crate RFX120 amp in my room, and I find it hard to get a low enough volume that's comfortable to play with at night. I'm thinking that if I can flip a switch to trick my amp into thinking it's a 112, then I can get better control with my volume. Is there a way to mod my amp into shorting out the left speaker? And better yet, is it possible to make it into a footswitch?
there's no differnce in volume with more speakers, just sound fuller. And also you would have to make sure the ohm's still match and the wattage rating on the one speaker can handle the amp. Pointless if you ask me.
If you want lower volume you would do better with and attunater. check out the ones at weber speakers.
I thought of attunater before, but I thought that was made specifically for tube amps.