Whats going on fellas? This is my first post here so I guess I'm a thread virgin or some ****, anyway I'm installing a set of EMG-81/85's in my ESP KH-202. I know this is a very common swap, but I cant find what I'm looking for on the internet. I got the pickups themselves hooked up, along with the input, battery, tone and volume pots. My trouble is that I cant figure out how to hook-up the switch. Its a common 3-way selector, nothing special about it. If I weren't a moron I would have looked at how the pick-ups were connected to the switch before I took the old ones out, but Murphy's a bastard so I'm stuck. I had the bridge pick up working, but I couldn't get the neck one working. The switch has 8 post's side by side and I don't understand the diagrams that I have found on the internet. The ESP and EMG websites and tech support aren't doing a god-damn thing for me so I'm hoping someone here knows what they're talking about and can help me figure it out. I appreciate the help, I know someone out there thinks I'm an idiot but I just can't figure it out.

P.S. I can fix any gun in the Marine Corps, but a simple switch is kickin my ass. What the hell?
i got the bridge working perfect but the volume on the neck(emg-85) is really low...whats up?
probably a bad solder joint.
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