I'm looking to trade this out. Never gigged with, works perfectly. I have the box and original paperwork around here somewhere. Not looking to sell at the moment.

Things I'm looking for:
Boss RC2 Looper
Good reverb pedal (No Boss RV5's, or basic Holy Grails)
Digital delay with a smaller housing (something other than a DD3 or DD6)
Analog Delay (MXR Carbon Copy etc.)
6 in line locking tuners

But, feel free to make an offer for other stuff.

id buy it but i got nothin to trade!
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visual sound h20 chorus/echo v1?
also got mxr smart gate and dynacomp if youre interested
hey, ive got a marshall echohead. pretty much mint. im using ibanez de-7s for my delay nowadays. i dont really want this space echo, but do you have anything else to trade?

(poo, i could have traded it for the eye of god....)
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oh hey sorry, its the old version if the current trade doesnt go through