(the title is a rhetorical question obviously)
I just got me my first tube amp about a month or so ago.... A beautiful vintage Carvin X100B.. before that I always had solid state amps! How dumb was I??? I even had a Hybrid??? AWFUL!! I've been playing for many years but only focussed on technique and phrasing, never on tone! Thank you UG! Thanks for showing me tone!! I just got my first neighborhood complaint tonight thanks to that f'in sweet ass amp and I couldn't be happier! So please, hit me with any of your stories, if you were like me and didn't have the means for a tube amp, how elated were you when you finally got to see the power they command when you got your own? How much did it freak you out when you heard the true natural tone instead of that solid state drivel?
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I, quite literally, except not really, peed my pants. I went from a Line 6 Spider to a Peavey Classic 30 overnight. I felt like a kid who had just discovered the ice cream truck, when everyone already knew how amazing it was.
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I pretty much found out my tone sucked when I'd been running my old Gibson SG Special through a Cube 15. I brought my SG to GC and plugged into the nearest Marshall stack (which happened to be a JCM800), and I thought "Wow... this sounds way better than the other Marshalls I've tried... wonder why that is?".

So I did some research, went through several stages of "Okay, THIS is the amp I'm getting", but I eventually settled on my Mesa.
isn't it just so great that after many years of hearing tone that sounds like a recording, you finally hear, the natural sound of the notes?? And you can pick out you mistakes so easier! It makes playing better easier as you can hear what you are doing wrong?!? I love that tube amp!
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
Squier SP-10 -> Vox AD15VT. Woah, tone.

Vox AD15VT -> Valve Junior and a 2x12". Woah! Tone!

Valve Junior -> '73 Fender Twin Reverb. Woah. Tone.
utterly horrible, (rhetorical question obviously). he he anyways, it funny I really didn't notice how much better the tone was until I played through tubes for awhile and THEN played through a SS amp.
they can range from total crap to fucking amazing, just like SS and modeling amps.
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