are you supposed to be strumming with your whole hand, like with your wrist?? I'm wondering because I can do it two ways that are comfortable. One is moving the wrist (the whole hand), and the second way is kind of resting my hand under bridge and just strumming (my right hand pinky is pretty much resting below the bridge). Which way is better??
It's just whatever is comfortable for you. As long as it doesn't hurt, you're doing it right.
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I say move with the wrist, its what i do and its never let me down. I think using my wrist for fast power chords is what helped me so much with my picking ability.
What sound/speed are you going for?
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Whatever works. Start caring more about what you play rather than how you think others think of you. Who cares if you like playing you guitar with you tongue? If it works, it works.
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