Alright, so right now I'm looking into getting a new small MIDI keyboard for my studio, and I'm debating between three right now. I pretty much eliminated the M-Audio Axiom 25 or 49 from my list because I really hated the feel of the pads and the keys, but if someone has a good argument for these, please let me know. I'm also looking at an Edirol PCR-300 (this is the one I'm leaning towards right now). I also found a Korg Kontrol 49 for $200, and was thinking about getting that one. The only problem with the Kontrol is that it has more keys than I need (37 is good for me) and is also too big to fit comfortably on my desk. I could definitely figure out a solution if this is by far the best though.
i got a novation xiosynth 25. its a usb powered midi controler with a touch pad, mod/pitch joy stick, and audio in and out.
its alright but offers no phantom power for mics and is only 2 octaves long.