I just bought an Epiphone Valve Junior on Ebay for just over $80 USD( ) because I've been wanting to get more into customizing and modifying amps. I thought I would start with this because it's cheap, all tube, and pretty straightforward from what I've heard. I've read alot of the threads on modding this but nothing really gave me what I was looking for. If I wanted to make it more Marhall-esque, what would I do? Please, don't say something like "Just get a JCM 800 combo, you'll never get a Marshall sound out of a VJ". I know I'll probably never get very close to a Marshally sound, but there must be something to at least make it more gainy and british voiced.
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I'd do the input grounding and power supply filtering mods. There are several ways to easily increase gain. The one I like the most is jumpering R7. I don't really know what to tell you in regards to Marshall voicing, never something I've aimed for. You'd probably be well served to look into adding a tone knob or 3-band eq as well.