Alot of the transitions between parts were odd. They didn't really fit very well, and just seemed sloppy. If you progressively moved from one riff to another, with a bridge riff that could fit between the two parts it would work better.

Rather than just holding the last chord for ages.

The lead overall was pretty good, and melodic, but at certain times they clashed with the rhythm guitar, such as in bar 35.

The main problem I have with this song, and one that is a very large consideration when writing na instrumental song is that it doesn't go anywhere. It progressess from similar sounding riff to similar sounding riff that is a little bit heavier than the other riff, to melodic and swingey solo, to another solo.

When writing an instrumental you can't rely on vocals, so the music and structure has to be really strong to support it, and it must feel like it is going somewhere rather than in circles.

The only time the song feels like it really moves on is at bar 193. And at bar 193 it is far too late to bring in a change.

This change is great though, you should take out probably 100 bars before this and develop the song on from this, because the pirate bit gets old.

Overall, all of the individual sections are great, and are all good riffs/solo's, but it's structure is what lets it down.

What I think you should do is take away much of the repetitiveness of the song and make it develop linearly, whilst retaining motifs from the start of the piece as to keep the song feeling fresh to the listener.

5/10, but could esily be 10/10 with some major refinement.
Thanks for that man.
I will definitley take these suggestions.
I've already started to change somethings.