i hate to do it but i gotta pay bills and such. i have a dx10d in tobacco sunburst finish. you can see a pic in my profile. i would post a pic but im not sure how to so just check my profile. i'm asking 325 shipped to the cont. US. you may come across a post where i say i paid 200 for it, but keep in mind i bought the guitar for the guy i bought it from(i paid 350 back then) and that is the only reason i got for 200, he kinda owed me the favor. no case/gig bag but includes a black trem bar. its pretty much flawless. included in the deal is a emg81 but only includes the standard pots that came on the guitar. if you need more pics send me your email and i'll gladly send some. paypal only and the guitar will be shipped usps priority. no alaska or hawaii. no international shipping. thanks for lookin'
i'll let it go for 250 w/o the emg....shipped to eastcoast, 5 bucks more for mid, and 10 bucks more for westcoast