Wrote this song with inspiration from Children of Bodom. This is the first song I've recorded where I've thrown in bass drops to add some punch, hope it mixed well for everyone else's speakers. Recorded using a Pod XT Live. Bass was recorded using a guitar and dropping the pitch (I really need to buy a cheap bass guitar). Let me know how the overall mix feels.
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That is a very punchy melodic metal creation!
I loved it.
Truely epic.
One problem was that the recording was kinda jumpy..but that may of been my computer loading slowly.
Other than that is was perfect.
Loved the solo =]
The gear.
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Sick intro. The next riff reminds me of an old song of yours, Distant Memories. I still have it on itunes But yea, the recording is a little choppy, but I think that's from myspace right? Anyways, sick riffage, love the harmonizing. The drums are really good as well. I love the riff at around 2:40. Too bad the recording or myspace or what ever ****ed up the double bass Sick solo. Love it. I see your lead playing has really improved.

Overall, sweet job dude, another great song.
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Right away I notice the killer production. Good riffs, I can definately see the Bodom influence in the squeals, brings to mind Sixpounder. Nice melodies throughout. Very expertly done. Has a very nice marching feel throughout the crunchy parts of the song, which I dig a lot, and the drums keeps the song rolling through the melodic parts.

Super shreddy lead but it sounded like some blues thrown in at a couple points, very well executed. Like it a lot, fit the feel of the song well.

I enjoyed the song a lot, I would like to hear some vocals on it! Killer stuff man.

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i thought the bass in this was was actually pretty good. not as good as real bass, but good. the drums were good. i noticed some timing issues with the the palm mutes. i really enjoyed the harmonized biits. they were very enjoyable. nice use of pinch harmonics as well. good writing. vocals would be cool, but they're definately not a huge deal with this song. it's fairly self sufficiant. i like your rythem tone alot.

i really liked the synthy lead tone. very COB sounding to me. soloing was great.

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Writing while I'm listening...

It's got a very Zakk Wylde sound. Maybe his stuff from Black Label Society. I liked it alot. It's definately something I would listen to on a regular basis. It's very very cool and well done. The only thing negitive is the lame Myspace player making sound so muffled.


Quote by wadester
It's got a very Zakk Wylde sound. Maybe his stuff from Black Label Society.
The only thing negitive is the lame Myspace player making sound so muffled.

thanks man, im guessing the sqeals play a role in the zakk wylde sound you mentioned, but ill admit i dont really listen to much of his stuff :P i agree with you on the myspace player doing that to the recordings, i cant stand it, but gotta live with it for now :P

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Right away I notice the killer production. Good riffs, I can definately see the Bodom influence in the squeals, brings to mind Sixpounder.

cheers man, speaking of sixpounder, that was the song i learnt prior to writing this one! haha im also using the alexi-600 sig model, so that could play a role in some tonal qualities i guess
Critting as I'm listening...

The intro sounds good, has a nice epic feel to it, keeps the listener interested.
The next riff really reminds me of COB, fits well though.
I like the chunky riff it goes into, and I can really see the vocals that you'd have over it.
The transition to the melodic bit fits perfectly, but is rather predictable.
I'd like to give you kudos on your pinch harmonics, they have a really full sound.
Another melodic bit, sounds good, but again rather predictable.
The repetition of the next few riffs really add some structure to the song.
Oh, this next riff really stands out. It kind of took my off guard, but sounds pretty sweet.
Ah, a few sloppy notes in the solo.
The solo sounded pretty sweet, it actually fit with the song, and isn't just mindless shredding.
Again with the repetition, not a bad thing.

So overall, it basically sounds like a COB copy to me. It was a good composition nonetheless.
Pretty much your standard stuff here, but there isn't anything wrong with that, just might want to throw in some more interesting things. Overall, 8.5/10

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This was pretty cool! Gotta love those pinch harmonics! My favorite part though was probably at about 2:50... I was starting to get sick of the song then, but then it suddenly jumps into a whole different feeling! Great! I guess it's kind of like if Alexi of Bodom would say "Hey guys, let's play something slow and groovy". What I mean is that, while it's very "bodomesque", it's still got your own touch and your other influences there, which is a positive thing as we don't need more Bodoms than one. I guess in short words you could say Great Job, mate!. And the bass sounded fine to me, though it might be a good idea to buy a squier bass or something like that.

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very good, but I didnt really like your songs, they kinda bored me...
Cool riffing there. would love to hear some bad-arse vocals on top of it.

To bad the bass drum is so "unclear".

Think you should have some more bottom on the melody part. maybe a rythm guitar og more bass.

love the pinch harmonics.

and the solo part friggin rocked

I kind of don't like "fading out" endings, but that is personal opinions

Over all a good song. get some lyrics on there and a bit better production, and i can drink to this

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thanks for the comments guys, im starting work on a new one at the moment, ill be coming back to this one once i get the band stuff sorted out at the end of the year to finish the "tweaks" and such, aswell as get vocals and a real drumkit on there stay tuned \m/