Alright, you know how everyone names their guitars, right?

Well, I named my latest one (an Epiphone Casino), Valerie. After a girl in my college algebra class that I was obsessing over at the time, but nothing ever came of it, relationship wise. Still she was pretty cool.

Anyway, I am thinking of changing the name to Maggie after an old friend from highschool, actually my best friend come to think of it. If you've been in the relationship thread recently, you'll know what I'm talking about.

My question is, is it bad luck or anything to change the name of a guitar once it has been given?
I don't name my guitars. But from what I understand, a name's supposed to be somewhat important/ have some kind of lasting meaning. If it's to the point where you'll change the name, it tells you that either

a) You're cheapening the original name, or
b) The first name sucked.
...on a side note my friend calls her vagina valarie, thought it was funny XD
but anyways no, its not bad luck
i renamed by bass from mulan to baileys [reason b from the guy above XD], and i've played better since then actually haha
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