check it out.


we covered pursuit of vikings by amon amarth and are going to cover roswell 47 by hypocrisy. its basically a one man band. one person (myself) records the drums, guitars, bass, and vocals. but we are a band. ramble ramble rant rant


duder you need to work on your drums
and i dunno if its the mic or recording your using, but the vocals sound weird
other than that it was ight
I do have other members. I just do all the recording because the other members aren't quite experienced enough, and i don't mean to make myself look good, its just that the bassist learned bass so he could be in the band, the guitarist has been playing for one year, the vocalist has no idea what to do, and the drummer is good and he hasn't gotten a chance to record anything. During practice we cant play through a full song. I'm basically in the sh*t, but they're my friends so whatever.