Well i was messing around with the old charvel i have (very thin fast neck)

And well i noticed if i pull alittle on the neck the strings would lower (as if i was tightening them)

i tried in in amp, and it creates a small whammy effect.

I soon thought "OH SH!T THIS ISN'T GOOD"

Well i tried it on my accounstic and it did the same thing D8 and then on my otehr ecletric guitar *thick slow neck) and it did it too.

iasked my father and he told me "good" i said what =O.O=

he then told me thats something jimie hendrix used to do on his guitars too create strange sounds when it looked like he wasnt touching the whammy bar...

Do all guitar neck bend alittle (not alought) when pulled down on a bit? or just ones that ahve thin neck.. or dose this mean my guitars a piece of junk
Yeah all do it. My PRS does as well as my strat. It's not always good for it. I cracked a strat neck, but it's cool.

EDIT: check out Jimmy Page, he does it all the time. But he like...grabs the neck and frets a chord and bends it across his hip.
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yea most bolt on necks do that.if you tug on them.
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ever heard of a little man named slash?
and.. idk if hendrix ever did it?

but slash does it in the live vid of civil war

which ****ing rules
Dude there was a guy on here that was doing that , and he snapped the neck on his PRS so i suggest you dont do that.
Even my SG with a baseball bat for a neck does it.
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yeh me and my other friends guitars all do it, but IMO i dont think that it can be good for the neck, and I always think im gonna break the string when i do it
Do u have a metal spine?
Yeah all guitars do it even my Epi Les Paul.

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tom morello had anold Kay guitar and he used to bend the neck to get crazy feedback when he was in the band The Electric Sheep. personally i wouldnt do it....
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