I'm desperately trying to start a band. Not even an official band, a jam group. Thing is, no one around me is dedicated. I know about 2 other people who are really dedicated to music.

One of them is my good friend, and the other is just a guy I would talk to if he was around. My friend is also really mad that no one is dedicated. I feel bad because he has a lot of natural talent for guitar and every time we see each other, you can tell he has improved a lot.

Him and I "jam" maybe once every other week. And we write some pretty cool stuff. And if were really into it, we will make a rough poor audio recording of it. Then we would agree that the next morning to work on it and finish it up. But the next morning I'm all set to keep going and he says he doesn't feel like writing today.

I've talked to him many times about finding a decent drummer and maybe another guitar (I play bass) to jam with for the day. And he says sure but never goes through with it.

I guess there isn't really a question for this thread, more like a "What should i do/think" kinda thing. I've tried looking around for other dedicated people, but there really are none.
go where ever there is live music and find someone else who;s into, and recruit. or find a freidn and teah him
You really just have to look around, for new musicians, put up adverts everywhere go to local gigs and talk to the people there etc. If your friend doesn't seem that into it, don't force him and pester him just keep it as a once a fortnight thing. Try and play with as many people as possible.
i'm in your boat man, it sucks, very frustrating
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