So I am going to Cali in a week, and I was wondering about the weed there. Some people are saying its is legal, some are saying that its illegal unless its medical marijuana from an herb store or something?

Someone PLEASE clarify this for me.

I live in cali (south) I've heard northern cali weed is amazing.
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It's legal in California if you have you medical card yeah that's right...but there are rules and **** you know, smoke at home only, no driving and ****...it's pretty nice having one, and yes Nor-cal has the best bud...if you're looking for some and you'll be in Nor-cal I'll be happy to help ya out, always looking for new ppl to help
Weed is illegal in all of america, in no states is it legal to smoke.
except medical. which obviuosly is not you
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Yeah, it's kind of a grey area with that... you can legally have it for medicinal purposes, but in some places (San Fran, Santa Barbara, etc.) even if its not medicinal the cops don't really care.
Its easy you just go to a clinic and say that you have insomnia.
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how do I get one of these aforementioned medical cards?

You dont. Thats called abusing the system. God knows we dont need more abuse of our shity system.

And no, it isnt legal, unless you have medical need of it. Which you dont.

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Weed is illegal in all of america, in no states is it legal to smoke.
except medical. which obviuosly is not you

except denver, and a couple other random liberal cities, but i dont know the details about that, (you probably cant use it outside of home and stuff like that)

but in california apparently its easy to get a card. if your living there, you could probably fake something

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