I don't know if this thread will get reported or whatever, but I want to bring this up just to promote a discussion on the similarities/differences between Ska and Punk. I just thought it was odd that this is the punk AND Ska forum when the two are not that similar... with the exception of ska punk of cource...

That being said:
What similarities to Punk and Ska share? Both are awesome music genre's and all that, but I think they are very different genre's musically and lyrically, and have different musical roots/influences. That being said, I don't get why this is the punk AND SKA forum...
And THAT being said, why does ska/punk exist? (Again, I loves me some ska-punk, but I just don't see where it came from)
Musically they are asimilar (is that even a real word)

But they share attitudes and culture to a certain extent.

They came up together in London and have been in close association every since.

So I guess thats why they go in one forum. Plus the Ska forum wouldn't be very active...
why does it matter?
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Quote by Iluvpowerchords

But they share attitudes and culture to a certain extent.

Ah! I never really thought about that! That makes sense... And yea, the UK was a big part of both.

And to Travd92, it really doesn't matter in the big picture how they are similar/different. I still like both genre's a lot, but I was just kind of curious as to why this forum section has 2 very different styles in it. I'm not trying to say "OMG PUNK IS SO BETTER THAN SKA!!!!" but just trying to create a discourse on the similarities and differences of the two genres.
i agree with the fact that the ska forum wouldn't be very active. and musically, once i again i agree, not very alike. but attitude wise they are quite similer. so why not put two forums that would be somewhat dead and bring them together to make one thats alive?
Quote by Iluvpowerchords

But they share attitudes and culture to a certain extent.

The key words being 'certain extent.'

I agree that a similar essence surrounds the two, but rudies and punks have always had their little differences. It also seems a bit unfair to place them both in London around the same time, since first wave came into being quite a bit before the London movement with Two-Tone and Punk.

Musically they engulf each other, it's very common to heard third wave groups switch from ska to punk and back again. The super special secret is the similarities in power chords and ska chords...once punks figured out their barres for E, A, and D form, they realized that flipping off that distortion pedal and strumming the top 4 strings (sometimes just the first three) in an upwards stroke was the perfect soothe to their craze. It's true that first wave had no inkling of what their music would eventually spawn into and didn't even know what punk was when they started their songs, but **** happens.

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And every time I see you on here you have a new DM sig, I swear.

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How could they not?
It's just because many bands have blended the two genres.

I don't like when people refer to barre chords as "ska chords."
The reason they are put together is because a lot of people that would populate a ska forum on UG would also populate a punk forum. And because they don't fit in with any other groups on UG / we don't need a million B/A forums.
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