I have a cheap epi SG, and i was wondering if it wld be okay to use a damp paper towel to wipe off the body of the guitar.
my guess is that water would be just fine. I'd rather use a soft towel over paper towel though as the latter is relatively abrasive. Personally I wouldnt use windex
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ya the reason i want to use a liquid is because i recently noticed that there a some sweat smugs that i would like to get rid of
As long as you're not getting water on any wood, water is perfectly fine. Windex has tons of chemicals and will not only absorb in wood (just like water), but deteriorate the paint.

Water > Windex
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dont use water
it'll warp
there is gutiar cleaner for a reason
but windex SHOULD be fine

before I got fender Polish, I used Windex, worked fine, didn't damage.
Should be safe on modern finishes.
Wouldn't risk is on anything vintage, though.
polish is like six bucks...its worth it

yea, i assued polidh was out as an option, but polish is the best route
maybe wax too
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man i just wipe it down with a very fine micro type cloth so i don't accidentally put any scratches in it and then clean and buff real good with Guitar Polish spray. Best $5 bucks i ever spent on my guitar and there is still plenty in the bottle. I do it everytime i change the strings basically so i can get everything.

water, wax and windex don't make sense to me but then i've never tried it either.
It's also sick if you get some spray with a rag. I got one with my Ernie Ball polish...it's like 2 for the price of 1
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Unless your dipping your guitar into a bucket of windex...i highly doubt that it will hurt it. Windex is an all purpose cleaner anymore....not just for glass, so I spray it on a paper towel and wipe down my guitars with no problems at all and it works great!
If you have a death wish yer, coz some on the water gets in the circuitry and KABOOOOM, we have another UG related guitar death on our hands and i cba to fill out the paper work, just buy some polish and get a cloth that doesnt leave bits behind
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Get guitar polish, its less than 10 bucks + if u dont spam polish all over the place, a bottle should last you for some time.
Not having tried actual guitar polish yet, I've been using Plexus applied with a soft cloth on my Strat and it works very well. Plexus is a spray cleaner/wax that I use on my bikes - it's gentle enough for the clearcoat of the bikes' bodywork, so I figure it's fine for the durable poly finish on the guitar. It does a great job taking off smudges and skin oils and such.