Well heres something i came up with today i wanted to do something a little different then i normally do so its a low happy song haha. C4C?
Vocals will be played over some parts and i might add more to it and add a solo but i just wanna know if its worth listening to. Yea it is a little generic i guess.
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overall, pretty cool. seemed way too slow though. you needed a huge increase in tempo from about 12 to when the other riff starts. 200 by measure 25 seemed sufficient. however, this makes some of your riffs really challenging so I don't know what to tell you :/
other than that, I think you need more lead work. it just seemed to need something above what's currently happening. a solo would sound pretty cool. and if it's happy hardcore, don't you need a bunch of pinch harmonics?

but cool song. I liked it. could you crit one of the top songs in my sig?
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