I own 3 Greg Bennett Guitars, I own a Custom Ultramtic UM-3 with Seymour Duncan SH-6 Pick-ups, Fastback FB-3, and a ASDMC. I've played alot of guitars and have played for many years. Every G.B guitar Ive owned have been nothing but amazing. The harmonics that the Ultramatic puts it is unbelievable, aswell as clean tones, the thing also weighs nothing. What made me think about this is, I was playing a session with a couple guys, one had a 08' Fender Strat. a $1400 compared to $800 guitar, in the end everyone loved the sound of my guitar better, he also commented on how he liked my guitar better. I guess Im just giving a lot of props to Greg and all of his designs. If you goto http://gregbennettguitars.com/ you can see a ton of videos on the company and some of their guitars they offer. For a guitar that retails for 600+ bucks that sounds better than most 1200+. Check em out.
my first guitar was a GB design samick malibu. it was pretty good. the neck could have been better but i think it might have been more about me not knowing what i was doing at the time. but the tone was nice. everyone always complimented me on tone. its in pieces now unfortunatly.