I usually don't play covers. However, I've been doing exercises a lot and I want to add in some covers. I'm thinking something by Necrophagist. So the question is: What song by Necrophagist would you personally recommend for building technique? I would prefer something off 'Onset' as that is the only album of theirs that I have (I don't have 'Epitaph' yet). I was thinking about perhaps taking it to my guitar lesson in the morning and trying to learn something (my teacher might not even be able to play it..heh). I'm leaning towards "Foul Body Autopsy" as it is short and therefore probably wouldn't take as long to learn. It takes the teacher what seems like a long time just to give me parts to a short song...he sometimes skips around and doesn't follow up the next week. Anyways, I'm sure all their songs build technique. Which one would you recommend? Nothing too hard... You can recommend any song as all aspects of my playing need to be better. It'd also be great if you could tell what techniques the song would improve.
Well, I've only heard Fermented Offal Discharge, and it should help you with your sweeping and tapping, so I'm going to go with that, if you think you can do it.
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I'd like to try, definitely. I think that a lot of things can be accomplished with enough practice.
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I hope your teacher is doing more for you than simply teaching you how to play songs. That can be easily accomplished alone with tablature/ear training.

We've only played parts of one song in the months that I've been there. It's very mechanical exercise type stuff. He only taught me that one song because he thinks the song is good for technique.

About the tablature, does anyone have a good tab program I could use? I need something that is compatible with a computer that isn't exactly new.
As long as you're learning things you otherwise couldn't on your own

Just about everybody uses Guitar Pro these days. And it's not exactly a hard-to-run program. I guarantee your computer will be able to handle it. All you really need is a working processor and a sound card ::type
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^ and Tuxguitar is freeware.

Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but what is Tuxguitar?
Try "Stabwound", judging by the number of people that choose to play that it's probably just about their easiest song but it's still damn challenging.
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In terms of the easiest solo, I'd say "Fermented Offal Discharge", though I still get destroyed when I try the faster alternate picking bits. The solo in "Culinary Hyperversity" is also on the easier side of what Necrophagist does and sounds absolutely wicked.

If you're looking for more of a challenge, a few of the harder ones that come to mind (keep in mind that everything they do is challenging, though):
Solos: "Intestinal Incubation", "Seven", "Advanced Corpse Tumor"
Riffs: "Pseudopathological Vivisection", "Intestinal Incubation"

And whatever you do, learn how to play the intro riff to "Seven", it's absolutely badass.