How's it going UG? I'm in a little bit of a dilemma. I've been playing/teaching myself guitar for about a year and a half now, after getting a cheap Takamine acoustic for Christmas. Since I just got a raise I decided I'd treat myself to a "finally a senior in high school" present. To avoid gumming this post up too bad, I'll list what I'd like.

1. I have a budget of about $550 total. This includes guitar, amp, and cables. I'd prefer to spend a maximum of $300-325 on the guitar, and up to $200 on the amp.

2. I'm a left handed guitarist, which limits my choices. It sucks, I know.

3. I'm into playing stuff like rock, metal, and hardcore. (Metallica, AILD, System of a Down, Killswitch Engage, Devildriver, etc) I'd like a guitar and amp that sound similar to those types of bands, and a cleaner tone isn't as important as distortion.

4. Buying used isn't a huge concern for me, as long as the guitar and/or amp are in nice condition with no problems whatsoever. (The last thing I want is to save 50 bucks, only to have to send something in to get it repaired for 100.)

5. Looks aren't a huge concern either, but I'm into the Ibanez/Les Paul shape and black/darker colored guitars. Don't really care for red.

6. I live in the middle of Nebraska, and there are very few left handed guitars let alone music shops around where I live. So "trying out guitars until I find what I like" is a bit of a problem.

If I can think of any other requirements I'll post them. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Quote by MOMOJUP

He could get a better amp than that, to be honest.

You could maybe cut down on the guitar price and use more for the amp. Amps provide 60-80% of your tone, so maybe get a Blackheart . For the guitar, I dunno, try some out.

Hope it helps.

EDIT: Okay, you can't try some out...

MEGAEDIT:How 'bout this guitar. I don't know much about them, but they seem good... Looks can be deciving though!

EDITZAGAINS!: I can't stop looking at guitars now! Here's an LP, if your're interested..

Cam Sampbell's my hero
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Red planet guitars are pretty good; played a couple of their left hander models and they're great for the price. Highly recommended.

Amp-wise, I have no idea... Roland cubes maybe? Don't really like the aesthetic design on them though; if you've got the amp on a shelf or similar it's pretty inconvenient to adjust the dials.
Thanks for the input guys. I'm liking the looks of the Blackheart amp, Macker. I was actually also looking at those 2 guitars hehe. I dunno about the Ibanez, it seems to be getting some mixed reviews. As for the Red Planet guitars, most of them seem out of my price range.
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