Hey everyone, I posted once before about my band...but I actually have a myspace now and more of a band. Furthermore, I am currently trying to add some music to the website! We aren't quite playing shows yet, but we will be practicing very soon. Until then, our website has a bunch of other things that can keep you occupied for about a half hour...after that you're on your own til we do play a gig or two. Please, though...try to support us. I know there's not much to support yet, but every little bit helps. If you add us on myspace and visit the other website from time to time...I'd be very greatful.

After all, you know a band doesn't go anywhere without fans right?
I currently have a female drummer, Ariel, and a male guitarist/vocalist, Andy. We are very local right now, but I expect to practice a lot more and get some gigs out SOON. Also, feel free to visit the shop, and sign the guestbook on the website. BOTH sites will have show dates when we're ready. Thanks everyone.

Finally, we kind of have our own sound - But if I had to guess about who we sound like...probably a bit of Green Day (go figure...but trust me, we sound pretty far from Green Day too) and maybe a bit of Goo Goo Dolls...but more than anything we have a unique sound. Btw...if I get the music sample on tonight...I apologize, it's a very early recording when I barely had any practice and stuff. I know, I should've practiced more but I didn't have time. It's the best recording I have right now so don't think of it as a final sound for us...it's just a sample. The final recording will be better.

These are the links:


actual website:

NOTE: Please, if you could let me know how the sample of the music was...Like I said, it's only a rough idea of how the song will sound...but at least it's something. Thank you!
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