it should be a pretty good guitar. Alvarez has built quite a reputation for itself.
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If you're just getting started out on acoustic then, thats a fantastic guitar for the money. I like them.
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I have the RD20SL(lefty) and it's a fabulous guitar for the money. I've done a few things to mine to sweeten it up a bit, but out of the box they are pretty nice. If you do settle on this one, be sure to first off, replace the battery in the preamp with a fresh one. They're pretty touchy when it comes to low power. Secondly, pop a new set of nice strings on it right away. It'll come with Elixer Polywebs. They won't be tarnished, but better tone can be had from a new set of different strings. I personally like D'Addario Phosphor Bronze EJ16's, Martin Silk and Steels, and Elixer Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze. All lights(.012) of course.