I'm having sort of a guitar mid-life crisis, so to speak. After years of thrashing metal, I find myself playing more and more "mellowed" gigs. And I'm needed a little help crafting my tone.

So to start, this is what I'm using:

'66 Fender Strat Custom Shop RI

'65 Fender Twin Reverb RI

Fulltone Clyde Wah, and Mini Deja Vibe

And this is where I need help. I'm looking to add a little bite to my tone. I'm looking for a pedal/pedals to get me somewhere between Gilmour and SRV. I want to have a hint of clean overdrive, but would like to be able to get dirty to cut through the mix for my lead. But to be able to turn a knob or two and get into a little classic rock distortion.

I've heard people talk about the Ibanez tube screamers, but how they weren't as good as the original issues. But others say they really like them. Is the tube screamer where I need to be?

So I'm looking for 1 - 3 pedals, price isn't really an issue, to get a Gilmour/SRV/Claptonish tone, if that's possible. With maybe just a distortion pedal to really break things up, if the others can't get me there.

Any suggestions?
what i really like to do with the tubescream is flip it on but have the "overdrive" dial turned all the way down. it brightens up your tone and adds a very slight amount of distiortion.. but barely any