ok this random chick on IM wanted to cyber sex and me colman and henry were like joking around and she was totally serious. here the conversation. nothing was edited.

our username is poner

[00:11] PONER: heyyyyyyyyy
[00:11] guest8066346: hi
[00:12] guest8066346: m\no asl
[00:12] guest8066346: lets get right to the point
[00:12] PONER: 14
[00:12] PONER: male
[00:12] PONER: penis
[00:12] PONER: u?
[00:12] guest8066346: i just wanna ****
[00:13] guest8066346: u start
[00:13] PONER: nice
[00:13] PONER: how old r u
[00:13] PONER: and r u a chick
[00:13] guest8066346: u st13
[00:13] guest8066346: im 13 and female
[00:13] PONER: nice
[00:13] PONER: i like boning young vag
[00:13] PONER: with my overlarge coc
[00:13] PONER: k
[00:14] guest8066346: u start
[00:14] PONER: well
[00:14] PONER: i will **** u
[00:14] PONER: in your ear
[00:14] PONER: ur turn
[00:14] PONER: i roll a six
[00:14] PONER: my turn
[00:14] PONER: i move 3 spaces closer to the bed
[00:14] PONER: ur turn
[00:14] guest8066346: i roll a 5
[00:14] guest8066346: uh oh
[00:14] PONER: wats 5 do
[00:14] guest8066346: i gotta do a strip tease
[00:14] PONER: yay
[00:14] PONER: ok
[00:14] PONER: my turn
[00:15] PONER: i roll a seven, and i land on dragons lair
[00:15] PONER: i use the sacred merlin iron clit to evade captrue
[00:15] PONER: then i eat you out
[00:15] PONER: ur turn
[00:15] guest8066346: this is not cyber
[00:15] guest8066346: ill start
[00:15] guest8066346: i take my clothes off
[00:16] PONER: yay
[00:16] guest8066346: and lie on the bed
[00:16] PONER: i assist
[00:16] guest8066346: i arch my back
[00:16] PONER: i dive onto the bed and plung my toungue deep into your vagina
[00:16] guest8066346: now u got to holes to chose from
[00:16] PONER: yummy
[00:17] guest8066346: i moan
[00:17] PONER: i insert my pulsating penis into your supple tender wet vagina
[00:18] PONER: yummy
[00:18] guest8066346: i stick my tounge in ur nouth
[00:18] PONER: where is my nouth located?
[00:19] PONER: i slowly get off of the bed and head to the bathrromm to get a shower so we can rly get donwn to business
[00:19] PONER: on the way back, i spy a dead moose on the floor
[00:19] PONER: i insert my penis into its anal cavity
[00:19] PONER: then i see u again and i start to make out with u
[00:20] guest8066346: mm
[00:20] PONER: ur turn
[00:20] guest8066346: i push my hair back
[00:20] guest8066346: and moan
[00:20] guest8066346: i move down urbody
[00:21] guest8066346: and i start sucking ur coc
[00:21] PONER: mmmm
[00:21] PONER: i grab your har
[00:21] PONER: and thrust u farther onto my shaft of light
[00:21] PONER: i pull out a pulasting toy
[00:21] PONER: to insert into your ass
[00:21] guest8066346: i moan
[00:22] PONER: we hear a knock on the door
[00:22] guest8066346: and i go boneless u can take advantage of my body
[00:22] guest8066346: do what u want baby!
[00:22] PONER: i caustionsly open the door
[00:22] PONER: it happens to be tony blair, who i invited over for a three-way
[00:22] guest8066346: o yea
[00:23] PONER: he stick his **** in your ass
[00:23] PONER: i stick mine in your vag
[00:23] PONER: and we start singing
[00:23] PONER: and u cum all over the dead moose
[00:23] PONER: r u wett baby?
[00:23] guest8066346: o yea
[00:23] PONER: im so hard as a cinder block
[00:24] PONER: im harder than a diamond in an ice storn
[00:24] PONER: suck me off babe,
[00:24] PONER: so then tony blair leaves the room
[00:24] guest8066346: i suck ur coc
[00:24] PONER: and pamela anderson comes in
[00:24] PONER: and u start making sweet tender lesbian love to her
[00:24] PONER: and i am watching and im rly hard
[00:24] PONER: and i give the moose a red rocket
[00:24] guest8066346: i suck her tits
[00:24] guest8066346: and lick her vag
[00:24] PONER: and i give birth to a baby chicken
[00:24] PONER: named fred
[00:25] guest8066346: wtf...
[00:25] PONER: i tie u and pamela to each other
[00:25] PONER: and start ****ing you in every hole in ur body
[00:25] guest8066346: and we start making out
[00:25] PONER: i pour soy sauce over u
[00:25] PONER: cuz soy sauce turns me on
[00:25] guest8066346: soy?...
[00:25] PONER: u and pamela start ****ing
[00:26] PONER: while i eat popcorn and watch
[00:26] PONER: war of the words
[00:26] PONER: and then i join back in
[00:26] PONER: ur turn
[00:26] guest8066346: i start ****ing pamela
[00:26] guest8066346: i get on the bed
[00:26] guest8066346: and i arch my back
[00:27] PONER: mmmhhmhmmmm
[00:27] guest8066346: drenched with sweat
[00:27] PONER: baby
[00:27] guest8066346: hair in ym face
[00:27] guest8066346: my face
[00:27] guest8066346: i stick my tounge out
[00:28] guest8066346: and dive for the dead moose
[00:28] guest8066346: i **** it hard
[00:28] guest8066346: so hard it comes bak to life
[00:28] guest8066346: then it starts to **** me
[00:28] guest8066346: ur turn
[00:28] guest8066346: i want u to rape me
[00:29] PONER: ughhhh baby
[00:29] guest8066346: RAPE ME!

[00:29] PONER: dont forget to orally molest the chicken fred
[00:29] PONER: im raping you with a fork
[00:30] PONER: and my finger
[00:30] guest8066346: this has got to be a joke
[00:30] guest8066346: u suck
[00:30] PONER: what
[00:30] PONER: u suck your vagina
[00:30] PONER: with my toungue
[00:30] guest8066346: this is bll ****
[00:30] PONER: i push u onto ur back
[00:30] guest8066346: ooo!
[00:30] PONER: and stick my tongue in your mouth
[00:31] PONER: i grab your ass and feel up ur curves
[00:31] PONER: squeeze ur tits
[00:31] PONER: ur turn
[00:31] guest8066346: i scream
[00:31] guest8066346: i want u to rape me
[00:32] PONER: unnnn baby im raping you as hard as i can
[00:32] PONER: i bone you in your tits
[00:32] PONER: and u start titty ****in me
[00:32] PONER: yea baby
[00:32] PONER: u get down into doggy style and pull your ass cheecks apart
[00:33] PONER: i sodomize you with a kitten
[00:33] PONER: and then you turn around to take my hard moist **** in your mouth
[00:33] PONER: ur turn
[00:35] guest8066346: i ass rape u with a strap on
[00:35] PONER: o i dont like that so much
[00:35] PONER: so i finger your vag
[00:35] PONER: and while im fingering i tell u a tale
[00:36] PONER: TO YOU
[00:36] PONER: r u there?

[00:37] PONER: this is all a part of the roll playing
[00:37] guest8066346: lol i new it
[00:37] guest8066346: i new it
[00:37] guest8066346: lol
[00:37] guest8066346: plz dont
[00:37] PONER: i love u bye
[00:37] PONER: too late
[00:37] PONER: sruy
[00:37] PONER: wait
[00:37] PONER: if u send me a nude pic
[00:37] PONER: i wont
[00:38] guest8066346: i should call the cops
[00:38] guest8066346: perv
[00:38] PONER: ur 13
[00:38] PONER: ur the perv
[00:38] PONER: ur trying to cyber online
[00:38] guest8066346: idc i bet my friends wont find it
[00:38] PONER: thats wierd
[00:38] PONER: im telling all ur friends
[00:38] PONER: im telling jessica
[00:38] PONER: im telling maddy
[00:39] guest8066346: r u kidding?
[00:39] PONER: nope
[00:39] guest8066346: those r none of my friends names
[00:39] PONER: UR RONG
[00:39] guest8066346: ass holes
[00:39] PONER: im telling sam
[00:39] PONER: and logan
[00:39] PONER: and alex
[00:39] PONER: and sydney
[00:39] PONER: so there
[00:39] PONER: be afraid

haha awesome epic
Pretty good but why didn't you CUM BLOOOODD?
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Wow, SkyValley = Epic win.
Rape me... My friends.

I skipped most of it, the ending is funny though.
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You definitely just cybered with a guy.

There's no way that's a girl.
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thats about south africa tho...which isnt poor at all.
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yea venezula is just the richest country in the world...
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You guys really suck at cybersex. xD

And yeah, owned.
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LMAO wtf! oh well at least you ****ed with her head, otherwise it just would have been nasty.
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I demand you do another one which involves cumming blood.
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Wow, SkyValley = Epic win.
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Bet you 100$ it was a male ug member on the other end
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That oughta do it.

Time for a supercool guitar demonstration by herman li,

Herman Li- why is this guitar so big?

Stage guy- because its a bass herman

What the F???? That was really disgusting. But very funny. The moose and Tony Blair were kind of unexpected... but it's always good to have a plot twist!
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pwned hahaha

and jesus christ 14 year olds minds these days...

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