I recently joined a band with some of my friends..
and i cant think of any names for the band.
I turn to u guyses!
We play...
Metal, rock.. and a little bit of punk so..
If u can suggest some names.
I'd give you a cookie but i ate it already!


Here's one: Nice Band Name

How's that for irony!
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edit: but it's already taken so don't
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The Bleeding Nipples

Lactating blood.
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booty shakers
The Marvin Gaywads
Dick & The Four Skins
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Lactating blood.

Is that an actual band? I randomly said bleeding nipples. If that is a real band that's hilarious.
the Pitmonkeys

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I vote this is the best name.
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Go to wikipedia and hit the random articles button till something decent comes up.
Or just browse through lists of cocktail names, they're always hillarious.
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