Hey there. I am very very noobish when it comes to actual guitar maintenance.

My guitar is a Fender MIM Stratocaster, and the Pickups are too high. But when I lower them, the pickup is very loose, and the screw isn't in all the way.

There is probably an obvious answer to the question, but how can I fix this?
Chris Redfield Of The Resident Evil Club
my neck emg does the same thing, i just live with it and shut up

jay kay, but it does do that and i do just live with it, although i have it adjusted higher then that anyways so its not a problem..
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uumm...i think i know what you are talking about...as if the screw isn't grabbing the nut properly?

try lightly lifting up on the pup while you screw down with the other hand.

if that doesn't work, you may need to take the pick gaurd off and grab everything tightly and make sure the rubber seals underneath aren't causing you any problems. Pretty easy to do actually.
Its only the bridge pickup that does this, and its a Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader (lets not make stupid comments, i've heard them all)

but, they don't use rubber seals, instead the person who installed it used springs. I guess that could be a problem.
Chris Redfield Of The Resident Evil Club
yeah OK.... i have a duncan HB in my MIM Strat. Yes it has screws. Did my suggestion still not help?

Can you take the pick gaurd off and look? It's late here in the Midwest so I'll check back and see what others recommend too. Later