Hey, does anyone here have a Cort KX5?
I'm thinking of buying one, and I was wondering if they are good guitars.
I have one.

It's great as a beginner's guitar, or even an internmediate. Extremely versatile sound. EXTREME output pickups - MotherBuckers are about as extreme as you can get before you branch into active pickups:
MB = 20k output
EMG = 22k output
This makes them great for diistortion and metal. If I wind up the gain on my amp, I get a great Metallica sound.
They've got a great sound as well. Add in the coil taps (lift the tone control) and you have passable single-coils. Six different pickup positions in all.

The basswood body is very light and doesn't colour your tone much, so its up to your pickups and amp. However, it does dent easily and the finish isn't as durable as other guitars I've used. Also, I wouldn't gig with one, as it feels a bit fragile, but that's just mine. I've already dropped it from 4 feet and done no damage. As a practise guitar, it's downright great value for money. I can post some sound clips if you like, and check my profile for pics of it.

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