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Smaller window=less chance of breakage I think.

I think this is right.
I think some older bombers are the same.
Look at the B-52 and flying fortress.
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Smaller window=less chance of breakage I think.

put it this way; more stability = more iron/steel = less/smaller windows
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It has all those windows because the pilot needs all-round visibility - just think. If it only had one window looking out the front, and all the others were blocked off, would you be able to see MIGs coming in from right, left? Nope.

It's like jet fighter canopies, you know, the "typical" type on, say, an F16. In a jet fighter the pilot can look all around for enemies - same in the C130, hence all the little windows. The only reason they're seperate, rather than one glass piece, is for structural reasons.

C130... damn, what a good plane. I have them come over occassionally, right over the grass paddock next to my house, REALLY low. About 50-70 feet maybe
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To get a full 180 Degree View from the cockpit, there are windows in the cargo hold aswell and there is a bubble window where the men are on the roof of the fuselage to see on the top of the aircraft in flight
Also before the days of GPS and Flight Management Systems, if the backup instruments failed, to some extent, Pilots should be able to use basic stars for navigation, just to find their way North etc. Also the same reason why the Boeing 737 and 727 have those "eyebrow windows"