Preamble: Not asking for own benefit really, just interested in other's answers in comparison to my own. But

Why read poetry?

I mean who in their right mind would buy poetry to read? Why read it over a piece of prose? Why do people go to the book store, go to the poetry section and pick up Yeats or Frost instead of walk two minutes to the right and instead buy Bender or Hemingway?

Why read poetry?
yeats and frost are both esotericist, people read them to be enlighten with spiritual knowlegde and how to communicate with spiritual beings, no joke.

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It's a good read. Inspires. Motivates. A chuckle (if you read light verse or something). To see what others can craft in the written word, and how I can attempt but fail to better it.
I have an Edgar Allan Poe book, and in the back was an essay he wrote called "The rationale of Verse". That did wonders for me as a writer, and showed me how musical poetry is.
because poetry isn't prose. for the same reason that people read instead of going to the theatre, or go to the theatre instead of going to the cinema.
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Why read poetry?
cuz if you read it aloud to a chick, you might get laid. then again, you might get laughed at.

... or both.
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