Poll: What "tool"(s) did you at first start playing with?
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View poll results: What "tool"(s) did you at first start playing with?
A Pick
26 44%
My fingers
18 31%
15 25%
Voters: 59.
Did you start out playing with? Your hands or a pick? Both? For some reason, when I first put a pick in my hands, I didn't like it too much so I tried out my hands and fell in love. The first song I learned was Blackbird.
you are a finger picker i used a pick and the first song i learned was trust by megadeth
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Well no crap I'm a finger picker. lol I also strum with my hands, and I can often get a louder tone than half of the other guitarists I know just from my finger strumming. I like classical guitar in terms of techniques that the genre teaches, but I also think that some of the songs aren't the most exciting to play. Not all, but some of them. Go to candyrat.com and you'll see the kind of guitarists I inspire to play after.
Started with a pick. I struggled later to learn fingerpicking properly until I threw all my picks out just so I would have to fingerpick.
Haha, I can't throw my fingers out, so I'm never forced to use a pick. I just recently bought a thumb pick (the really sturdy dunlop one that you can file down) and it is good for some songs that pretty much require one. I'll eventually get to playing as good with a pick as I do without one.
Are you kidding me? Why do so many people start out with picks? If anyone who started out with a pick at first would like to explain why, I would better understand. There's nothing wrong with it, I am just curious.
I started out as an electric player, so thats why using a pick was already natural for me, but i have learnt to fingerpick too now.
When I really started out I just started with chords and strumming, so i used a pick that my tutor had given me - which I still have, just use less. The first song i learnt was 'Time of your life' green day's one, and i was learning on a old tanglewood steel string and couldn't finger pick, so the pick was more smart .

Later i moved to the classical and nylon and finger picking, so I stopped using the pick when i moved onto classical gas where you didn't need a pick.
Most of the music I listen to uses a pick so naturally I used a pick first. Its a good skill to pick up - no pun intended - and just like everything its gonna feel awkward at first. Fingerpicking was way easier for me to learn than economy/alternate picking. I had to spend like a whole week playing a practice piece to fix the flaws in my picking technique.
I wish I knew how to use a pick properly, it feels so unnatural for me. I'm pretty good with my fingers though.
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Started with a pick. I struggled later to learn fingerpicking properly until I threw all my picks out just so I would have to fingerpick.

wow thats actually a really good idea..ima lock away my picks so i am forced to finger pick XDD
I'm just starting and I use both. I don't really "fingerpick" in the true sense, but I use my fingers (primarily thumb). I use a pick when I want a loud, clear tone. I dislike using a pick because it gets in the way.
First time I picked up a guitar I used my fingers but I pretty much learned with a pick.
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pick then fingers. I'm a lot better with fingers than with my pick though. definitely more accurate because your whole hand is involved and you can feel the strings for yourself. whereas the pick is an extension from your body.
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I started out learning a bit of fingerpicking, and also using a pick. For the first two years or so, I would go through phases where I only used my fingers, or only used a pick. But then about a year ago I finally decided that each has its unique benefits.

With my fingers, I have better feel and dynamics. But with a pick, I'm more accurate and it also takes less energy because fewer of the hand muscles are involved.

I pretty much split time equally between using a pick and using just my fingers.
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i used a pick for the 1st month of my guitar journey. but i switched to fingers after that 1st month and it has been fingers ever since.
i sorta prefer the sound of my nails picking the string better then a pick. just a personal preference i guess.
played with a pick for first 3 years then saw a lot of the players whoose styles i like used fingers so put the picks down about a year ago (Both for electric and acoustic) . was a real pain in the ar*e at first felt like my ability had been set back a year but stuck it out. now i can play so much more easily and naturally. also i get so many more tones just from how i play the strings, throwing picks away is best thing iv done.
I took classical guitar lessons which forced me to use my fingers. But when I decided to get an acoustic, the pick in my hand felt so natural for me. So I prefer it over the fingers, but sometimes I will use my fingers, just for the type of sound I want.
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I started out with both.

Picks just get in the way
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Fingers. But I got fustrated trying to keep a decent tone from the nails so I switched to pick. That and it was just more consistent at a faster tempo with a pick.
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