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Fender Telecaster Thinline '72 re-issue
25 61%
Fender Jaguar '62 re-issue
16 39%
Voters: 41.
Ok, so my hunt for a new guitar has narrowed (with much difficulty) down to two guitars that I really can't seem to separate.

A 72' re-issue Telecaster Thinline
or a
'62 re-issue Fender Jaguar

I'm looking for versatility and a lot of character, as I play everything except for most modern metal, death metal etc... And love making my own riffs.

Also wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts about these particular guitars.

Gah, it's sooo hard to choose, UG; so help me out here!

Personally, I love the look of the Jaguar.

I have no idea about the sound of each but... based on pure ascetics I'd choose the Jag.
Get the thinline.

Everytime, the thin line. A beautiful guitar than has great tone. My stepdad has one, its one of my favourites!!
They're both sexy guitars, it's really hard to split them.

Any more opinions?
Personally, I think the Jaguar is the better looking one. The Jag has a 'warmer' and more bluesy tone then the telecaster. Seeing jags on youtube they look pretty versatile, not sure about compared to the tele though, good luck.
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I'm a fan of both the Jaguar and the Tele but as a someone who uses a Jaguar as their primary guitar I can say with confidence that the Jaguar is one of the most versatile guitars out there. There's a LOT you can do with one and they sound amazing. The biggest problem with the Jaguar is that they're not low-maintenance guitars and unless you get one from someone who took care of it well you're probably going to have to change a few things around when you get it.
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get an effin telecaster man
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Jaguars have dinky hardware on them and if not for the retro craze (and Curt Cobain) I don't think they'd ever have been restarted after Fender stopped making them. Other than Red Hot Chili Peppers, I don't know of any significant players that use one as a main instrument.
Moving on.....
A lot of the Shoegazey bands use Jaguars because of the Tremolo (My Bloody Valentine, etc...). But I mean it has a shortscale and a bolt on neck so it has the worst of both worlds. That really turned me off buying the guitar as my main axe.
Yeah, that's another thing I've been considering; how much do I really need the tremolo bar? I use it a bit actually, but just for mucking around and for surf guitar.

Thanks for your opinions guys =)
KenG: What? Jags have phenomenal hardware. They also weren't "restarted", there are reissues of the 1962 version being made but there's nothing new, Jaguar-wise. Also "excluding the bands that use it as a main instrument no bands use it as a main instrument" is a bit of a silly argument.

Siren: Shoegaze bands use it for the third bridge more than they do the whammy bar. A lot of guitars have whammy bars. Also, short scale is a matter of preference; I have tiny hands and therefore greatly prefer a short scale guitar to a longer scale.

You should try out a Jaguar if you can get your hands on one. I think you'll find they sound better than they may seem on paper.
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I have actually done a hell of a lot of research and have tried both... Probably not as much as I should have, but I love the feel of both of them. I just can't decide which one to buy; or which one would suit my playing style in the long-run more.
The Jaguar is very very very versatile. My vote goes to the Jaguar. I have one and i really never looked back at my purchace.
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well the thinline is semi hollow so its sound is harder change, which is why i didnt get it. that doesn't mean it isnt a great guitar, that just how all hollow/semi-hollow guitars are. the jaguar is more versatile i would say.
Jaguars were discontinued by Fender around 1975 having not sold very well. In the early 90's Fender had an off-shore Japanese version made but were of poor quality. Then around '99 they retarted the line based on the original designs.
I tried a Jazz Master and Jaguar in the late 70's when we got a couple of used ones in the music store I worked in. I thought the smaller scale was OK and reminded my of Hagstrom's at the time but the tremolo could only take minor use without losing its tuning and the pickups were not to my liking. At one time, used Jag's could be had for cheap till Nirvana re-invigorated interest in them.
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