pale white moon got dirty looking at me

`this morning i had a bad taste of late cigarettes in my mouth.
paper cuts around me reminded of a rice field.
for a moment i felt lost and comfortable, lying in my rice fields , but then i..
noticed patti smith`s lyrics among them.
she was singing about a lovely young woman climbing up her stairs, and I
felt so alone, not having a young woman climbing up my stair.
I questioned my preferences for a moment and then He called,
the sexual God of the seventh circle of Hell,
with his deep sonorous voice and I
fell on my knees and I
felt the floor sliding and He,
was climbing up my stair, and I
felt his presence on the very surface of my skin,
and then i looked through my window: ****!
the moon looked so weary and dirty in the daylight
so worn out and wicked,
i just couldn`t get up on my feet and open the door..`