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I'm having trouble w/ doing a vibrato while bending. in videos I've seen it just looks like they're pushing up and letting it come back down a little, so it should be easy, but it's always crap when I try. now I know the obvious answer would be "practice", but are there any specific techniques or tips? thanks

edit: right now I just press the string harder into the fret for a half-assed version, but it's crap.
yeah it all comes down to finger strength, which comes from practice. that's how it goes.
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similar problem for me as well.

What I have been doing is during a bend I hook my thumb over the 'top' of the neck (low E side) and kinda choke the neck during the bend then shake it. Works ok for now....
Vibrato is one of the skills that can literally define your own sound. I can identify many guitar legends by just a few seconds of hearing one of their bends or vibratos. Finger strength is one issue. How many fingers to use is another, which direction to bend, etc. There are lots of different bends.

You can download a free tab document, as well as see free video examples of most tabbed-out techniques at www.reallylearnguitar.com/tablature.htm

Keep practicing and you'll develop your own style
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Try doing it really slow so you get the technique down then build your speed after you got it right. And vibrato takes tons of practice. I think jeff beck said he practices vibrato at each fret with each finger takes a while Im sure to get every fret.
It's all about your fingers. As much as I hate to give the obvious answer, it'll come with practice.
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