I'm looking for an easy song on acoustic guitar... i want it on tabs. I have played guitar in almost a year now and i still can't play soo good, i want to play more with tabs cause the chords are too easy. However can someone give me a good song on acoustic guitar? I already have guitar pro 5 so it doesn't matter if u give me to guitar pro or just a webbsite..!

Soo plaese help!
the past recedes from John Frusciante, just simple chords, but it has a nice simple solo in it.
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Harvest moon by neil young is good. its is easy, but still altittle more than just strumming chords. there is a good tab on this site.
Hope by John Frusciante is a good one too. But Second Walk by John Frusciante is pretty easy. And it's good fun. It's played on electric but i think it sounds good on acoustic. If you want strictly acoustic then try um..... About A Girl by Nirvana. Their Unplugged version is awesome. Goodl uck =D
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I just learned Thirty Three by Smashing Pumpkins yesterday. I didn't realize what an easy song it is until I looked at the tab, and thought to myself, "This would be a great beginner song suggestion!"

You just have to learn one really simple riff and two very similar variations on that riff, and the rest of it is C and Dm. It also has an interesting rhythm to the strumming, but nothing too fast or complicated. It's a very pretty, chill and introspective kind of song.
Behind Blue eyes is a really simple song. Doesn't matter whether you go for the Limp Bizkit or The Who version, both sound great imho. They have good tabs on the site and you can find the music to listen to on youtube easily.
dust in the wind is definatley a good one sounds cool even if you cant finger pick yet and you just strum the chords to the rhythm. but i reccomend wish you were here by pink floyd. simple yet beautiful.
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